Kindness Matters

I’ve been trying to promote kindness in a novel I have coming out in September, inspired by people I’ve known in deprived areas of London who’s tragic pasts are woven into their lives but do not define them. One character was inspired by someone I observed persistently seeing the good in people, knowing their quirks didn’t show how they really were. I know some people may have found her too soft-hearted, but she was always surrounded by friends. In my novel, the character she inspires uses small positive observations to build up someone who has lost all faith in herself. This lets her fly in her own right

(If interested, the book is called “Helen &. The Grandbees” and is on pre-order at Amazon

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2 thoughts on “Kindness Matters

  1. Hi Alex, kindness is very much a theme at the moment as it national mental health awareness week and they have chosen kindness as their theme. I’m loving your book XX

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